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“Sometimes we meet teachers in the forest, or in the barn, or in the ocean- or right in our own house.  Some of my teachers have had two legs while others have had four or even eight.  But all have taught me something important about how to be a good creature in the world.” This is how local author Sy Montgomery starts her book How to Be A Good Creature,

Pierce School will be having a Holiday Spirit Week Monday 12/14 through Tuesday 12/22. We hope all children are able to participate and help us celebrate the holiday season, even if we can’t be all together!

Pierce School Principal Beth Gibney explains the fall 2020 reopening plan in a webcast. Please click on the link below to play the 10-minute presentation.

Pierce School now has an official Facebook page!

This page will be used to connect with the wider Pierce School community and share the exciting things that are happening at Bennington’s elementary school.

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