Title 1 at Pierce School

Title I Program

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally-funded formula grant providing funds to eligible schools for students to meet the state’s challenging academic standards. Title I funds in the ConVal School District are provided to eligible schools in the elementary years to build a solid academic foundation for success. Within the expectation of an inclusion-based model, students receive supplemental educational support in addition to classroom core instruction.

Schoolwide vs. Targeted Title I Program Models

Schoolwide Program

  • To improve academic achievement throughout a school so that all students, particularly the lowest-achieving students, and the historically underserved demonstrate proficiency related to the State’s academic standards. Eligible schoolwide schools meet a 40% low-income attendance area, must conduct a yearly comprehensive needs assessment and create a schoolwide plan that is reviewed by staff, community and stakeholders and updated each year.

Targeted Program

  • Only identified children may be eligible and served in a Title I targeted school model. Students served are chosen through criteria based on a points system and may be discharged from support once they meet the grade-level academic standards.

Parents are Important!

Parents/Guardians – you are the greatest resource for your child! Knowing it “takes a village”, we consider you our partner to support your child on his/her/their learning journey.  Some important steps and resources that will make a difference and help your child succeed are following. Please reach-out anytime to your classroom teacher, support staff, principal or librarian for answers and resources.

  • Attend the Annual Title I meeting at your school and participate in the discussions.
  • Become involved by asking questions, volunteering or running an afterschool club.
  • Read the, “Parents Make a Difference” Newsletter that provides articles and ideas.
  • Review the Title I policy, your Parent Right to Know, Guidelines & Parent Compact.
  • Reach out and be sure to attend your child’s parent/teacher conference.
  • Become part of your school’s leadership team and share your voice and ideas!
  • Access the following information to learn more-

ConVal District Parent Involvement Policy KB-Parent Involvement in Education


New Hampshire Department of Education – Title I Webpage


Serving Students Experiencing Homelessness under Title I, Part A


To view our plan, please click the link below:

Pierce Schoolwide Title 1 Plan 2022-2023

Pierce Schoolwide Title I Plan 2021-2022

Pierce Schoolwide Title I Plan 2020-2021

Pierce Title I Schoolwide Plan 2019-2020

Pierce Title I Schoolwide Plan 2018-2019

Pierce Schoolwide Plan 2017-2018 Rev.

To view our ConVal Parent Involvement Policy, Parents’ Right to Know, and Parent Program Compact, please click below:

KB – Title I Parent Involvement in Education

Title I Parent Involvement Guidelines 22-23

Parents’ Right-to-Know 2022


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