Featured image of article: 2018 Pierce School Book Fair

Come and enjoy the Book Fair.

Pierce School Librarian, Alex Kendall,Ā  invites students and families along with staff to this year’s Book Fair located on the school stage.Ā  The book fair will be open the week of March 26-30 during walking club in the morning or by appointment. Come and enjoy the BOOK FAIR during Title 1″s Literacy Night on Thursday,

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Gloria Davis and Dauna Hugron from the Antrim Grange visited Ms. Suttonā€™s 3rd grade students today bearing the gift of a brand new dictionary for each child. The Grange was founded during the Civil War era and has largely persisted in supporting agricultural endeavors over the years. In fact the word ā€œgrangeā€ is a reference to grain,

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February 22 marked the closing ceremonies for the 2018 Pawlympics.Ā  Just as the Olympians, our students worked hard and set goals for themselves and surpassed them.Ā  Through showing the core values (Be safe, Be kind, Do the right thing, and Have courage) Pawlympic bear paws were earned for entire classes as well as individual students.Ā 

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