Positive Behavior in School (PBIS) is a school-wide system for creating change in schools by emphasizing positive behavior expectations and outcomes for all students, consistency in responding to discipline concerns, and a data driven problem solving model to develop interventions for school wide concerns. The PBIS approach utilizes four key elements.

PREVENTION: Correct behaviors are established, taught, modeled, and acknowledged in a systematic way throughout the school. Students are “caught” engaging in desired behavior and this behavior is regularly reinforced and recognized.

RESPONSE: The response to undesirable behavior is organized, systematic, consistent and careful. Considerable thought and effort goes into getting the entire school community on the same page with respect to common definitions of, and the most effective response to problem behaviors.

DATA-DRIVEN: Discipline data is collected school-wide in a user-friendly format. When this information is entered and analyzed in an established on-line database, the data provides guidance for understanding when and where problem behavior is more likely to occur. Strategies to address behaviors in these situations are developed, by the Targeted Team Members.

PROCESS: PBIS is not a curriculum or a prepackaged program. Rather it is a framework that guides the school community through a process of addressing the unique culture, climate and behavioral issues within each school. The idea is to work smarter, not harder, to improve behavior and school climate.