Announcement: Title 1 Schoolwide Program


January 17, 2017

Dear Parents, Families and Community Members,


We are very excited to share with you that Pierce Elementary School has been accepted by the State of New Hampshire as having a Title I Schoolwide Program. This is a very exciting time for our students, staff, school, and community!   Our application was approved after completing the year-long process of data collection along with reflecting on school evaluations received from families, staff, and community.

All Title I Schools are required to show their program effectiveness in supporting students as well as how we involve parents in the educational process.  Our previous Title I program- a Targeted Assistance model, supported only eligible students that needed the most academic support.  In our new Title I Schoolwide model, we have the benefit of combining Title I funds with other federal, state and local funding to upgrade our entire educational program.

With this change, we can strengthen our efforts toward excellence and provide opportunity for

all students to achieve academically. ¬†Throughout the school year as our communications continue, we will look to you for feedback to assist us in monitoring our program’s effectiveness, help us plan use of additional federal funding and offer suggestions for activities, trainings and workshops that interest you, your child and community. ¬†We look forward to an engaging first year ahead!

We would like to thank everyone for advocating for our children and supporting your school.  Ifyou would like to know more about our Title I Schoolwide program, please contact the school or visit us at  http ://conval intendents-office /federal-project s/. Your partnership with us is the important piece to our success in supporting students and reaching out

to give back to our local community.  Our transition to a Schoolwide program will strengthen our abilities and allow all our students to reach for the stars!


Katherine Morrocco, M.Ed. Title I Project Manager