Featured image of article: State Reps Visit Grade 4 at Pierce

State Reps Visit Grade 4 at Pierce

Fourth Graders from Pierce Elementary will be visiting the New Hampshire State House on Friday, April 13th.  In preparation for the field trip, New Hampshire State Representatives Jonathan Manley and Richard McNamara visited the fourth grade.  Representatives Manley and McNamara shared with the students what their job entailed as members of the House of Representatives.
They explained that both legislators and New Hampshire citizens can come up with a good idea for a law.  They explained the process of how that idea becomes a bill  and does not become a law until it travels through the appropriate committees in the House and Senate to gain support.  If the House of  Representatives vote favorably for the bill they will send it on to the Senate for a vote.  If the bill gets a majority of votes in both houses,  the governor will have the final say to pass the bill into law or veto it.
One fourth grader commented, “It takes a really long for a bill to become a law!”