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It’s Not Easy Being Green

The First Graders are so excited to be involved in the Cornucopia School Garden Program. For seven weeks we have the opportunity to have a hands on garden curriculum designed to excite and inspire a generation of enthusiastic young gardeners. Each week on Thursdays at Pierce School, Cornucopia Project educator Lauren Judd, and Master Gardener Volunteer Peggy Saunders, introduce the first grade students to the fundamentals of gardening: maintaining healthy soil for seeds and starts, caring for young plants, and of course, tasting all the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables that are produced in the school gardens at Pierce. Students have also been provided with their very own garden journal to record their observations.  The gardens are maintained over the summer by parents, students and staff from Cornucopia.  In the fall the students return as 2nd graders and finish the project with a culminating harvest feast.  Then they put the beds to rest for the winter and the cycle starts all over again for the 1st grade in the spring.