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Fire Safety Day

The Bennington Fire Department took time from their busy schedules to spend a day with Pierce School students talking about fire safety beginning with a fire drill and assembly.  Matt Hall, Deputy Chief, and his son Mason, Keith Nason, Deputy Chief, Jason Powers, Rescue Captain and Sarah Powers, EMT, showed the children different elements of the equipment they wear when they fight fires. Then Jason Powers dressed in the uniform,  bottom to top, to show the children that underneath the fire suit and mask there is a friend who will help them. Through the remainder of the day, each class went to the Fire Station for safety demonstrations in the fire trailer, and took part in a mock emergency. Every child practiced getting down low and crawling to the closest exit to escape the simulated smoke, even climbing out of the trailer window. The firemen gave students the opportunity to explore the fire engine too. Our friends at the Bennington Fire Department sure know how to make serious life saving information memorable and fun too. Thank you for a very special day at Pierce.