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Pinch and Dash Make Soup

Every day is a special day at the Pierce Elementary School but today was extra special.

Author, Michael Daley, a presenter from CLiF (Children’s Literacy Foundation) came to our school and read some of his books.

Students were captivated by Mr. Daley’s storytelling. One story, Pinch and Dash Make Soup was particularly entertaining. Using simple props, a wooden spoon, and imaginary salt and pepper shakers along with sound effects, captured the audience’s imagination.

Our RiverMead reading partners joined us for this special event too.  They enjoyed enjoyed every minute.  After storytelling,  our RiverMead reading partners had refreshments and read with students.  This day was meaningful to all involved.

Inspired by Michael Daley, one of our first grade readers was brave enough to read a story to her entire class taking huge step toward reading independence!   A proud moment!

Thank you to Michael Daley and our to RiverMead friends!