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Spirit Week

During Spirit Week students focused on the many ways to show respect by representing Sportsmanship, Recycling (Crazy Hair Day), Dreaming of Respect (Pajama Day), Earth Day and Respectful Book Character Day.

Pierce celebrated Earth Day with multi-aged activities that focused on water and how to treat the resource with respect. Children sculpted clay amphibians and learned about vernal pools. Very springtime.

Mr. Shultz, Pierce art teacher, gave the students an opportunity to use water creatively in a painting project.

Mrs. Germain discussed pollution and demonstrated what an oil spill would look like. The children came up with some different techniques and tried to remove the oil from the water in their tank.

Students heard the true story about a child in Africa, The Water Princess, and how water affects her daily life read by Ms. Sutton. After brainstorming ideaS about their own positive experiences with water, students worked on a project that will be displayed in the multi-purpose room.

Mrs. Parsons, Title 1 teacher, arranged for community readers to come to school to share books in the classrooms, capping a great Spirit Week here at Pierce.