Featured image of article: Sy Montgomery Teaches Us All How to Be A Good Creature….

Sy Montgomery Teaches Us All How to Be A Good Creature….

“Sometimes we meet teachers in the forest, or in the barn, or in the ocean- or right in our own house.  Some of my teachers have had two legs while others have had four or even eight.  But all have taught me something important about how to be a good creature in the world.” This is how local author Sy Montgomery starts her book How to Be A Good Creature, a children’s book that can teach us all many lessons including how to be patient, respectful and to show courage.  We used this book as a guide during kindness week before vacation.  

All students listened to the story and thought about an animal that they have connected with or reflected on how they are good creatures in the world.  Every child created a watercolor page about their reflection.  These pages were turned into a beautiful book with the help of Jeannie Connolly of the Arts Integration program.  The book was then hand-delivered to Sy Montgomery and her dog Thurber in Hancock.  She was so touched that she took time to answer questions from students through Zoom this week.  This integrated project was a wonderful way for students to think about who their teachers might be and what they might be able to teach others.  Kindness and Courage are certainly a few examples that all Pierce School students can share.