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Baby Turtles Come Back to Pierce School

The baby turtles have come back to third grade. “Ms. Sutton’s third-grade class will have the chance to help them survive in the wild,” says Merrick Lyons. Felicity wants everyone to know that we will raise them all year.

They will be released to the wild in late May or early June. We will help them grow so they will have a better chance to escape predators. Everyone should know that these turtles are not our pets and people should never take animals out of the wild and keep them. They should not purchase animals as pets and then release them either. Ms. Sutton hopes that by raising these delicate wild animals, the students will learn how to research, collect data, and care for our natural world. “The turtles help us learn in so many ways, and it is our job to pay it forward and respect their local habitat.” A special thank you goes out to Susie Spikol of the Harris Center for Conservation Education for helping to provide us with this opportunity for a second year.

Written by: Merrick and Felicity

Edited by: Ms. Sutton